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Never Let Me Go Summary

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Title[ footnote ] The novel's title comes from a time on a cassette tape fed Songs After Dark, by fictional marshal Judy Bridgewater. Kathy. Kathy H.

Never Let Me Go

is the novel’s protagonist and narrator. She is a thirty one-year-old carer at the beginning of the novel, although she is preparing to soon become a donor.

Never Let Me Go – Kathy Kathy is a person who is proud of doing her best, she tries to describe to the reader without “trying to boast”.

This shows that she is please with how she has done as a carer but also that she is aware that boasting too much can “get peoples backs up.”. In Never Let Me Go, Kathy H. is the big cheese.

How does Ishiguro represent Kathy in Never Let Me Go?

She's the head honcho. The big kahuna. The VIP. You catch our drift: Kathy is seriously important. Of course, when a book starts out with a line like "My name is Kathy H.," you can be pretty sure this Kathy gal is going to be the apple of our reading.

Kathy has a particular attachment to a cassette tape called Songs After Dark, performed by an artist named Judy Bridgewater, and containing her favorite song, “Never Let Me Go.” At the close of the novel, Kathy serves as a carer for Ruth and then for Tommy, who becomes her lover.

Kathy bought the tape during a swap meet-type event at Hailsham, which she often used to sing to and dance to the chorus: "Baby, never let me go." On one occasion, while dancing and singing, she notices Madame watching her and crying.

Kathy - The protagonist and the narrator of the H. is a thirty-one-year-old carer who wants to make sense of her memories before becoming a donor at the end of the year.

How does Ishiguro represent Kathy in Never Let Me Go?

Her recollections express her nostalgic longing for the past, as well as her fierce desire to hold onto the memory of her childhood friends Ruth and Tommy.

Never let me go kathy
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