Intoduction to business

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Introduction to Business/Overview

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BUS101: Introduction to Business

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This unit aims to give you a sound understanding of: business objectives, resources and accountability the structure and classification of business the external environment the scale and location of production, different production processes marketing strategy, marketing planning and market research accounting concepts and sources of finance HR planning A free Study Manual for this unit is.

Business is a human activity in order to satisfy our wants. Human Activities. Activities which human being undertake are known as human activities. These may be cultivating land, growing plants, rearing animals, teaching in school or college, working in a factory or office, watching television, listening radio, reading newspaper, worshiping in.

Course BUS101: Introduction to Business

The Introduction to Business course will provide you with tools to understand business functions including: management, human resources, marketing, accounting and finance. You will explore options for starting and growing a business, and the importance of business ethics and social responsibility in an increasingly global environment.

Intoduction to business
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